Saturday, 13 December 2014

Some more changes for free sudoku puzzle game !!!

In order to provide a more experience to user, some changes are required. This will be providing almost same look and feel across devices. In order to achieve this, current rendering method need to be changed little bit. So I am currently working on this issue.i.e, to make a same look and feel across all the android devices.

However, android platforms will scale the UI such as Bitmap automatically depending  upon the screen resolution of the devices. When you build  android application, you can mention 'density' that is supported in android manifest file. This is an additional enhancement you can do.

  <supports-screens android:requiresSmallestWidthDp="600" />
 So this attribute is only needed if your targeted screen density by default is 600 dp.

 But the caveat is when you search app in play store, it will not visible for those devices whose screen size does not mentioned in manifest file. However, this is applicable in Android 3.1 version.

By default , Android OS will auto scale and translate the co-ordinates based on the screen resolutions.However, the final look and feel may not be the exact way you wanted. So some more additional tweaking is required to address this issue.So one thing I am planning to do is add the following code. For example,

 sprite.setPosition( 10 *, 10 *;

where as 320 and 480 are the bench mark for the screen size.

This technique currently works for me.